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Eduard Interwies, the Director and Founder of InterSus, is an environmental economist and policy expert with more than 15 years of experience, with M.A. degrees Economics and Political Sciences. His main specializations are environmental and socio-economic impact assessments, cost-benefit analyses of policies and projects as well as pricing and cost-recovery strategies, especially in the policy fields of water and marine management, climate change and climate change adaptation. He combines stakeholder and policy maker engagement with classical desktop approaches to solve complex content and methodological challenges. Eduard is an experienced moderator and facilitator.

Stefan Görlitz is an environmental expert at InterSus, with seven years of work experience in water management (Floods Directive, WFD and MSFD implementation, ecosystem services of water and marine ecosystems, assessments of policies and measures), climate change and climate change adaptation, biodiversity and terrestrial water-based ecosystems (ecosystem services of wetlands and their monetary value). He has two Master degrees (Geography and Environmental Management), and is therefore used to working in multi-disciplinary environments.

Anasha Petersen is a political scientist and expert for design and finance of institutional arrangements for environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation. She has conducted socio-economic impact assessments and has worked on ecosystem services valuation, market based mechanisms, marine spatial planning and participatory policy and planning approaches as means of balancing competing uses. Beyond this, she has designed and facilitated numerous expert workshops on environmental and climate policy as well as events for public and stakeholder participation.

Beyond that, InterSus has a pool of associates that support its work when needed.